SD 35 2017 Convention Update

Mar 03

SD 35 2017 Convention Update

SD 35 2017 Convention Update

Thank you to everyone who attended the convention; and congratulations to everyone who was elected either to the SD 35 Executive Committee or the the State Central Committee as a delegate or alternate.

2017-2017 SD 35 Republican Executive Committee

  • Bradley Sunderland, Executive Chair
  • Jeri Bates, Secretary
  • Scott Cords, Treasurer

A Side

  • DeeDee Larson, Deputy Chair
  • Leslie Knudsen, Vice Chair
  • Debra Musgrove, Vice Chair
  • Rich Rydberg, Vice Chair

B Side

  • Mary Kay Storhaug, Deputy Chair
  • Margaret Miller, Vice Chair
  • Nancy Powell, Vice Chair
  • Lee Warneka, Vice Chair

2017-2019 State Central Committee Delegates & Alternates:

CD 6

  • Delegate Scott Cords
  • Delegate DeeDee Larson
  • Delegate Matt Look
  • Delegate Peggy Scott
  • Delegate Brad Sunderland
  • Alt-1 Don Huizenga
  • Alt-2 Rachel Aplikowski
  • Alt-3 Mike Jensen
  • Alt-4 Nancy Bendtsen
  • Alt-5 Phyllis Kieffer
  • Alt-6 Andy Aplikowski
  • Alt-7 Heather Lorch
  • Alt-8 Jeri Bates
  • Alt-9 Donna Thibodeau
  • Alt-10 Chuck Thibodeau
  • Alt-11 Diane Parent
  • Alt-12 Jim Bendtsen
  • Alt-13 Lee Warneka
  • Alt-14 Jennifer Niska
  • Alt-15 Craig Hoecherl

CD 3

  • Delegate Nancy Powell
  • Alt-1 Don Hiekkila
  • Alt-2 Kathy Tingelstad
  • Alt-3 James Dohogne

Thank You!

Senator Michelle Benson and Brad Sunderland
Thank you Senator Michelle Benson for chairing our convention

Jeri Bates and Brad Sunderland
Honoring Jeri's mom, Trish for her service to SD 35. Trish passed away this fall.

Janna Goodrich, Kathy Tinglestad, Phyllis Kieffer
Thank you to Janna, Kathy & Phyllis for their work on the Executive Committee the past to years.

Featured Events

Night at the Range
Tuesday, Nov. 14th, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Total Defense Gun Shop & Range

SD35 Republicans November Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 16th, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Ramsey City Hall

God Bless America!

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