U.S. House Republicans are getting things done

Jun 29

U.S. House Republicans are getting things done

From a recent email update from U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan:

While the left and the mainstream media monopolize the airwaves, Paul Ryan and U.S. House Republicans are getting things done.

They're doing the job you sent them to do in Washington, D.C. -- they're using conservative policy to make people's lives better. 

Look at what they've done so far this year:

  • Struck 14 Obama regulations from the books.
  • Paved the way for Obamacare's full repeal.
  • Rolled back Obama-approved, small business killing red tape.
  • Protected our veterans by bringing accountability to the VA.
  • Enforcing immigration laws and cracking down on sanctuary cities.
  • Rebuilding our military and protecting our borders.

It might not be highlighted on the nightly news, but House Republicans are changing people's lives for the better.

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