Brad Sunderland's Final Remarks to SD35 Republicans

Apr 09, 2018

SD 35 Republicans'February 2018 monthly meeting | 2/15/2018


Dear SD35 Republicans,

As most of you know Senate District 35 will be electing a new Chair at our convention in March, therefore, this may be my last opportunity to address you.  I want to begin by saying that I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this community these past three years and to work with an exceptional group of people dedicated to electing to office those who value life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has served on the Executive Committee during my term as Chair; thank you for your hard work and commitment to Republican values.  I would like to say a special thank you to those individuals whose commitment to the party and our values warrant special acknowledgement; those individuals include Janna Goodrich, Scott Cords, Margaret Miller, Debra Musgrove and Mary Kay Storhaug; thanks to each of you for your hard work and commitment. I want to thank DeeDee Larson for her commitment, her work ethic and her passion to stand firmly for that which she believes to be right and against that which is wrong.  Finally, I want to thank my mom. My mom passed down to me a commitment to truth, and a love of liberty and country.   

Our Declaration of Independence states that there are certain self-evident “truths,” including the idea that “all men are created equal,” that we are endowed by our Creator with certain rights that can not be taken nor relinquished, these include the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Declaration goes on to say that “governments are instituted among men to secure these rights for man, and that government “derives their just power from the consent of the governed.”

Today, does our culture embrace self-evident truths, laws which are not only true today, but have always been true and will always be true? This idea of a “higher fixed law,” is at the heart of a Republic. Our culture wants us to ascent to the idea that we are a democracy, that it is the will of the majority that determines what is right, what is true. Any society that is ruled soley by the will of the people, without protecting the rights of the minority, will eventually experience anarchy. We must stand firm to truths endowed upon us by our Creator.

Today, does our culture embrace “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness?” Is there intrinsic value given to life, to the individual? Or, is the value of the individual measured by their contribution to society? Are we a culture that embraces liberty, at least liberty within certain bounds? Or, are we willing to give away our liberty in exchange for our security and safety? Our forefathers chose liberty over safety. They chose to oppose the greatest military force in the world to secure their liberty. We must not be so quick to throw it away!

Today, is government in the business of securing our rights? Are they working to secure our religious freedoms and our freedom of speech? Are they working to secure our right to bear arms, and our private property? Or, are they infringing upon our rights of free speech, our right to live as our conscience dictates, our rights to private property, and our rights to keep and bear arms? A growing government is not our friend.

If you value Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, for you and your posterity, you must work to preserve liberty, as the old saying goes, “freedom is not free.” We must not be willing to trade our liberty for safety or security. We must not be complacent in guarding our rights to private property and to bear arms.

We have been blessed in Senate District 35 with strong conservative legislators. However, we must not take success for granted. The left, or socialism, is like a hungry bear that constantly needs to be fed. They will continue to try to expand their base by gaining ground, even within SD35. With the success they had in last falls school board elections, we should assume they will try to expand their influence in our community. We must not let that happen. We must stand against socialism, against the idea that it is morally acceptable to violate the rights of one individual for the gain of another. The idea, that it is right to take by force of law, the property of one to give to another.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve Senate District 35 these past three years. I appreciate the patience many of you extended to me as I was learning the ropes. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

 God bless you and God bless America,

 Brad Sunderland


(Brad received an Appreciation Award for his excellent service to SD 35 Republicans. Award presented by Deputy Chairs DeeDee Larson and Mary Kay Storhaug at the SD 35 Republicans Convention, 3/24/2018.)

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