SD35 2018 Convention

SD 35 Republican Party Convention
Sat, March 24, 2018 – 9:00 AM
Anoka High School
3939 7th Ave N, Anoka MN 55303


To all Delegates and Alternates in the SD35 Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU).

Pursuant to the constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota, this is the Official call for the Republican Party of Minnesota BPOU Convention issued by SD35 Republicans. The SD35 Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit is hereby called to meet at: Anoka High School, 3939 7th Ave N, Anoka, MN 55303 at 9 AM, Saturday, March 24th 2018.

The Republican Party Basic Political Organizational Unit shall be composed of delegates and alternates elected by the Precinct Caucuses on February 6th, 2018. You must still reside within the precinct in which you were elected in to participate as a delegate or alternate.


Event registration opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 9:30 AM. Registration fee is $20 for all delegates and alternates, and $15 for guests over the age of 18. Lunch is NOT provided as part of registration. Attendees are welcome to bring a bag lunch or you have the option to pre-order & pay from Jimmy John's and have it delivered to the convention site. 

Pre-Pay for the Convention

You may pre-pay for the convention either by check or by debit/credit cards. Please note that those who pre-pay must still check-in at the convention during the registration period. Credit/Debit cards will not be accepted at the door.

Pre-payment by check may be sent to:
SD 35 Treasurer (Please make checks out to: SD35 Republicans)
7020 158th Lane NW
Ramsey, MN 55303

Pre-payment by credit or debit cards is available online (until 3/22/18): https://goo.gl/3VqaR2

NOTE: Please use this URL to pre-pay online and not the general Donation page on the website.

Order Jimmy John's for Lunch on Convention Day

Pre-order your food at least 1-3 days prior to the convention. Also, it’s best to place your order during Jimmy John’s normal business hours. The on-screen prompts are easier to understand. Instructions for ordering Jimmy John's. 

Be sure to include in your order:

  • Your name
  • Delivery Instructions: SD35 Republicans convention
  • Have your order delivered to Anoka High School at 11:30 AM



  1. Endorsement of the Republican Party candidate for SD35A House of Representatives seat

  2. Endorsement of the Republican Party candidate for SD35B House of Representatives seat

  3. Election of Delegates and Alternates to CD 6 and CD3 Conventions

  4. Election of Delegates and Alternates to State Republican Convention

  5. Election of Senate District 35 Republicans BPOU Chair

  6. Consideration and approval of the Resolutions from the Precinct Caucuses

  7. Transaction of other business as may properly come before the Convention.

NOTE: A quorum is required to transact any business. Your attendance is extremely important. 

3939 7th Avenue
Anoka, MN 55303

Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 09:00 AM - Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 04:00 PM

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